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Sample of Prophecy's Child, book 2 in the Prophecy Series

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Prophecy's Child




Friday, November 08th, 5:30pm

Kal leaned back in his La-Z-Boy recliner and mouthed the word fuck as his mother’s voice droned on and on from the other end ofhis cell phone. He had to hand it to her, she was getting damn good with a hammer. With each word uttered, she tried to bang another nail into his bachelor coffin.

But he held his own…sort of.

“Did you get the package I sent you?” his mother asked. Her rich French accent was thick. Her voice brought back memories of when she sang to him and his older brother when they were young, growing up in France.

“Oui," Kal replied back. "The cookies were good. Thanks.”He knew she didn’t give a shit about the cookies. What she wanted to know were his thoughts on the photos.

He glanced at his lap. Four glossy pictures of vampire women stared back at him. All head shots, all air brushed to perfection. Flipping them over, he almost laughed out loud when he saw they were complete with each woman’s stats. Just like all the rest his mother had sent him over the last three years.

“What about the sweater?” She asked. “Does it fit?”

Kal sighed and shoved the photos back in the manila envelope. “Mom,  just ask me what you want to ask me.”

Silence met his ear before she cleared her throat. “Sweetheart, I’m only thinking of you and your future—the future of our house. You need an heir and I’d like to hold a grandchild before I leave this earth.”

Yep, here comes the guilt.

When he didn’t reply, she continued, “I’m already four hundred and thirty two.”

Shit. She’s pulling out all the stops this time.“You’re still young. And I will get married and give you grandchildren, just not right now.”

“You know how quickly life changes—how loved ones are here one day, and then gone the next.”

Pain knotted Kal’s gut. He knew exactly who she was referring to. His father and brother had been killed sixty years ago in a demon raid, but the ache was still fresh. And since he was a warrior, his days were numbered. For all he knew, he could be whacked tonight.

“You’re all I have left, Kal. I love you and want you to be happy. I also want to know you, your father, and brother will live on through your children. Is that too much to ask?”

Kal picked at the duct tape holding in the stuffing on the frayed armrest of his green and yellow recliner. What the hell could he say to that? He loved his mother dearly and knew she still suffered the loss of her mate and first born son.

And since he was the head of the household it was his duty to marry and produce not only an heir to his house, but sire future warriors for the war between vampires and demons.

The problem was he wanted more than the cold marriage of obligation which was the norm for vampires. Rarely did his kind marry for love—although if the couple were lucky, love could grow between them like it had between his squad leader, Roarik and his wife, Celeene.

“Kal? Are you still there?” His mother’s voice broke through his thoughts.

“Ah, yeah. I’m here.” The words duty and responsibility swirled through his mind. He stood, knocking the manila envelope to the floor. The pictures spilled out, mocking him further. Duty. Responsibility. Marriage. Pickme, No, pick me!

Kal rubbed the back of his tight neck, trying to relieve his tension. Fuck tension, more like panic. He needed to get off the phone and split from the base for awhile and think. “Hey, mom. I’ve gotta go. I’ll call you later.”

“All right, sweetheart, but can you do one thing for me?”

Now what? “Sure.”

“Can you at least give what we talked about serious consideration? The females I’ve picked out are all worthy of you. Their bloodlines are impeccable.”

Impeccable and beautiful, but he was in no hurry to be trapped in a loveless marriage with some snooty, high society female just for the sake of reproducing. He wanted a marriage based on love not necessity.

Fuck, he was such a chick.

Kal cleared his throat. “I will. I’ll seriously think about…” He swallowed. “Marriage.” Same answer he gave every time they had this discussion, except this time he meant it. He couldn’t put it off much longer. Better to get it over with.

“Thank you, son. I love you.”

“Love you too, mom. Au revoir.”

He closed his phone. His fingers curled around the warm plastic and he drew his arm back, ready to launch the thing against the wall. Watching it smash to a million pieces might help demolish his frustrations.

Then he’d have to buy a new phone.And programming all the numbers was a pain in the ass. Instead he dropped it into the back pocket of his jeans.

Kal grabbed his remote off the coffee table and aimed it at his TV. The video game he’d been playing before his mother called was still paused on the fifty-two inch screen. Without saving his progress, he shut off the gaming system and the television. He scooped up the scattered photos and shoved them back in the envelope. As they slid inside, the flash of long black hair caught his attention.

He slowly extracted the picture. Light green eyes, surrounded by dark lashes stared back at him. Pale skin. Pouty lips. The facial features, although perfect, were all wrong. But the hair was the same as hers.

Kal stroked the cheek of the vampire woman in the photo, but it wasn’t her soft skin he pretended to feel. It was a human woman he’d known years ago.

Mel Uncensored

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Mel Uncensored

Brenda:  Hello, Mel. I'm glad you could make it. I know how busy you are.

Mel: Thanks for having me. I can't stay long. Have to meet Kal and Soren at The Green Tree then head out hunting. But I'd like to check on Breeana first.

Brenda: *smiles* I totally understand. I know we can't say much in case we give some of the book away, but how is Breeana doing?

Mel: *smiles back as he visibly relaxes* She's doing very well--thanks for asking.

Brenda: Glad to hear it. Tell her I said hi.

Mel: Will do.

Brenda: So, during the writing of Love's Prophecy, was there a time where you thought you and Breeana wouldn't end up together?

Mel: Yeah. I wasn't sure after the demon bitch got her filthy hands an Breeana if I'd ever see her again. I thought for sure my plan wouldn't work--thought we'd all kick it.

Brenda: *Laughs* Nice to know you had such little faith in me.

Mel: *Laughs back* Nah, not in you, in myself.

Brenda: I thought Breeana talked to you about your pessimistic crap?

Mel: She did--and because of her, I'm learning to have faith in myself.

Brenda: *Laughs* Good.  I'm going to change gears here if that's okay?

Mel: Sure. You're the interviewer.

Brenda: What happened after your father's death?

Mel: *He shifts in his seat and glances at the ceiling before looking at Brenda.* I buried my mother, then left--or more like I ran.  I wandered from city to city, town to town before I ended up in London. I was...not doing too well at that time. I was a drunk, living in the streets. I didn't have a purpose and I didn't give a shit. Then one evening I came across Roarik. *laughs.* Seems both he and I needed to feed and we were both going after the same human female. I was so sloshed I ended up scaring her away. I was also half starved for food--and broke--so I decided to rob Roarik. *laughs again.*

Brenda: *laughs* What'd he do?

Mel: Beat the shit outta me, then noticed my tattoo and realized I was a warrior--although back then I didn't look or act like one. Anyway, he offered me a job and a home--offered me a chance to get my shit together. *Shrugs* In a sense he saved me.

Brenda: No wonder you two are close.

Mel: *nods.*

Brenda: I'd like to ask you a question about your uncle.

Mel: *His shoulders stiffen and a frown creases his brow. He sits straighter in his seat before folding his arms across his chest.* What do ya want to know?

Brenda: Did he inherit your...father's estate after your...father's...*she swallows and glances away.* death?

Mel: To be honest, I don't know. I left and never looked back. But I'm sure my uncle looked after things until my brother was old enough to take over.

Brenda: Speaking of your brother, I take it you've never contacted him...

Mel: Frown deepens.* Nope--and I have no plans to. You know what happened between us--and I'm sure he hasn't changed.

Brenda: Sorry, but I wanted to ask. Next question. Does your uncle know where you are--what has become of you?

Mel: *Shrugs, but a look of sadness fills his silver eyes.* Doubt it. And I think it's best to keep it that way.

Brenda: Do you miss him?

Mel: Yes--can we please change the subject?

Brenda: Yes, and I'm sorry. But you and he were close--your uncle cared for you and you him, so...

Mel: Breeana feels I should try and contact him. *shrugs again* I'm seriously thinking about it, but...

Brenda: But what?

Mel: No matter how much he cared for me, I did kill his brother.

Brenda: I see. I still think Breeana is right--I think you owe it to yourself and your uncle to contact him. But I'll change the subject. In Love's Prophecy, Kal mentions to Breeana something about him getting you and Soren in trouble. What was he talking about?

Mel:  *shakes his head before laughing* Seems I'm never going to live that night down. I finally told Breeana what happened; she still brings it up. In short, Kal pulled one of his bonehead pranks and brought the wrath of Roarik down on Soren and I.

Brenda: *laughs* That's it? No details? Come on, Mel. Share with us. Inquiring minds want to know.

Mel: All right, but really you should ask Kal--he tells it a little differently--probably because he remembers more of it than I do. I was...a little inebriated. *chuckles.*

Brenda: I'll ask Kal when I interview him--and I'll compare notes.

Mel: To keep it short, Soren and I had returned to the base early this particular evening. We decided to relax, listen to some music and have a few beers. Well, a few turned into a lot. I guess by the time Kal returned, Soren and I were pretty shitfaced.

Anyway, Kal let off a couple of bottle rockets in the house--Soren and I didn't hear them because of the music, but Roarik did. Kal had placed a bottle rocket on the table beside Soren--without us knowing--shows you how drunk we were. *Laughs.* Roarik barges in and screams bloody murder about us letting off fireworks in the house. Of course Soren and I had no clue what he was flipping out about. The next day Kal tells us what he did.

Brenda: *laughs so hard she almost chokes* What...*laughs more* What did you two do to him? I can't imagine you guys let him get away with it.

Mel: *laughs* Nope. Suffice it to say, Kal was sporting a black eyes and a fat lip--plus we made him tell Roarik what he'd done. Soren also took Kal's favorite video game and hid it. *laughs again* Soren made Kal swear he'd never pull another prank on us before he gave it back.

Brenda: Did the promise stick?

Mel: Whadda you think?

Brenda: I'll take that as a no.

Mel and Brenda: *laugh*

Brenda: Mel, it's been a pleasure. I won't hold you up any longer. Say hi to Breeana and the other warriors for me.

Mel: *leans forward and shakes Brenda's hand* Will do, and thank you. The interview was my pleasure.

Brenda: I would like to interview Breeana in the coming weeks. I'll call and set up a time.

Mel: I'll let her know.


Several sentences from Love's Prophecy

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Mel materialized in front of her. She jumped to her feet, her heart beating double time against her ribs. She pressed a hand to her chest. “Will you quit doing that? You're going to give me a heart attack. Can't you use the front door like a normal person?”

He laughed and drew her into his arms. “What would be the fun in that? I like keeping you on your toes.”

Breeana smiled and slid her hands under the flaps of his leather jacket. The leather creaked as his embrace tightened. She smoothed her palms up his hard muscular back and kissed the underside of his clean shaven jaw. The scent of his cologne and his warm skin heated her blood and her desire.

“You like keeping me on my toes, huh?” she asked.

He tilted her chin up until their gazes met. “Among other positions.” His voice was low, husky, and his irises darkened.

Several sentences from Prophecy's Child--book #2 in The Prophecy Series

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This is taken from my current WIP, Prophecy's Child. In these sentences Katherine has ran into Kal--literally--after ten years. He still has the same erotic pull on her.

Katherine’smouth dropped open and butterflies took flight in her stomach.  Lucky she was flat on her ass because her limbs shook so hard she’d have ended up in the same position. “Kal? It can’t be…”

She closed her eyes, then quickly opened them, needing to make sure his appearance wasn’t simply a hallucination brought on by stress.

But there was no mistaking it, Kal stood in front of her, all six foot four inchesof well muscled, testosterone dripping, male. His black leather covered shoulders were so wide, they blocked out the florescent lights hanging from the ceiling. Faded jeans hugged his long, finely formed legs. He was perfection standing in a pair of black hiking boots.



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These sentences are taken from my novel, Love's Prophecy.

In the scene before this, Mel told Breeana vampires are real. In these sentences they are just sitting down for breakfast and a discussion on where vampires came from and why they share the Earth with humans.

Poor Breeana can't seem to keep her mind on anything but Mel's body, LOL.

“Drag the chair over and come eat,” Mel said with a smile.

Breeana didn't move. His biceps flexed, bulking up with his movements, and the muscles of his chest bunched when he reached for a fork.

Damn him. Human or vampire, he was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen. The sight of his bare, smooth skin and hard muscles, coupled with his rugged unshaven face, was too much of a temptation. One she knew she couldn't resist.


Saturday Sample

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This sample is taken from my novel Love's Prophecy. In this scene, Mel has told Breeana about the murder of his wife and all who lived in the village he had been the leader of. Although he didn't tell her all.

As Mel stared into Breeana's trusting face, the sound of his father's evil laugh filled his mind, echoing through his skull.

“Look at her,” his father's demented voice said. “What a pathetic fool she is. She's so quick to absolve you of all guilt, but you know better don't you, son? Go ahead, tell her. Tell her how you honored your father. Would she look at you the same if she knew? Would she be so quick to defend you if she knew you are a murderer?”

Fear paralyzed Mel’s limbs.

“What's the matter, son? Do it, I dare you.” His father's evil laugh became louder and louder until that was all he heard. “Tell her who's really to blame for your wife's murder.”

Breeana stepped up against his body, wrapping her arms around him.Her warmth seeped into his stiff limbs, instantly cutting off his father's voice. She pressed a cheek over his heart. While she held him, his tremors slowed then stopped, his mind cleared and a feeling of calm enveloped him.

She looked up at him and brushed his hair off his forehead. “Did you get the bastards who murdered your wife?”

A fierce light shone in her eyes. He caressed her cheek. “Yeah, I did. It took me over a month but yeah, I destroyed them.”

“I'm glad,” she said without hesitation.

His chest tightened as love swelled his heart, spilled over, and invaded his scarred, lonely soul.

“I know the circumstances are less than ideal, but I'm glad I met you. I'll never regret the time we've shared,” she said.

His eyes burned and a lump formed in his throat. “Breeana.” He crushed her to him, molding her to his body. She had no idea how her words affected him. How wonderful it felt to hear someone say the death of his wife—of them all—wasn't entirely his fault, even though he knew it was. Shame over being the only survivor of his village had burned him for so long. Her words helped douse the pain, if for only a moment.

Her cool hands smoothed over his back. “I know I don't know all the facts, but one thing I do know is you're a good man—I mean vampire.”

Love for her flowed through him, almost taking him to his knees. “If you believe that, then you're deranged,” he whispered, against her hair.

“Maybe, but I pride myself on being able to read peoples' hearts and you my friend, have a good one.” She leaned back in his embrace, stretched upon her toes and kissed him.

When she broke off their kiss, Mel wrapped himself around her once more. At that very moment, he could honestly say he was happy. Happy he had chosen to live.



Several sentences from Love's Prophecy

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Set up: Mel has just learned Kal has killed the demon hunting for Breeana. It is now safe for Mel to take her home, but he's torn.

“Yep.” Mel could hardly squeeze the word through his constricted throat. He grabbed the bottle and walked back to the living room.

“She wants to stay with you, dude,” Kal said.

Mel stopped in front of the TV and stared at the blank screen. “It's over. I knew as soon as it was safe, she'd be going back to her life.”

“Yeah, see, that's great and all, but things have changed. I see how much you two care for each other. And believe me, man, that's something you shouldn't lightly toss away.”

Red hot rage burned through him. “Lightly? You think this isn't torturing me?”

“Poor choice of words—”

“Screw you.” Mel guzzled another mouthful, the burn from the alcohol brought tears to his eyes. Or was it from the pain of his heart shattering into a billion pieces? “I'm sending her back because I love her so much.”


Several Sentence Sunday

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my SSS--several sentence Sunday.

Set up: Katherine sees Kal for the first time in ten years after  he up and left her--no explanation, just gone. Needless to say, she is angry.


Katherine crossed her arms over her chest. “What are you doing here?”

Kal pulled his left hand out of his pocket and showed her a small plastic bag. “Buying a video game.”

“I mean, what are you doing in Vancouver?”

“I moved here for work. What about you?”


“That’s none of your damn business.” She pointed at his bag and smirked. “Nice to see you’re just as childish as you were years ago. Some things never changed, huh?”

His cheeks reddened and he glanced at the floor. Sighing, he rocked back and forth on his heels as he shoved the bag back into his pocket. With a flick of his head, he dislodged thick bangs out of his eyes. “Look, Katherine, I need to apologize.”

“For knocking me down? Don’t worry about it.”

A small smile tugged at his lips and sadness filled his eyes. “That too, but I’d like to apologize for the way I left things between us.”

The tenacious hold she had on her rage disintegrated. And not giving a crap that they stood in the middle of Wal-Mart with people all around, she said none too quietly, “You didn’t leave anything between us—you just left. I woke up and you were gone, which wasn’t unusual, you were never there in the mornings, but when I tried to call your cell phone, guess what? You cut the damn thing off! So please,do me a favor and keep your bullshit apologies, because I don’t want to hear them.”



S.S.S: Six Sentence Sunday

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“Bethany! Bethany, nooo!” Mel's shouts filled the darkness as he shot off the bed.

 Breeana scrambled off the bed and fumbled around in the dark. Her outstretched hands skimmed over the night table until she felt the lamp. She switched it on and light bathed the room in a soft glow.

Mel stood in the center of the room. His arms thrashed about and his breath whistled out in fast erratic bursts.

 “I know you did it, you murdering bastard.” He looked wildly around at no one she could see. “I know you did it.”

She ran around the bed and grabbed his flailing arms. “Mel, wake up!” She couldn't hold him. With a vicious curse, he tugged free. He backed away from her with panic-filled eyes.

Mel,” she called louder. “Wake-up. You're having a nightmare.”


Saturday Sample:

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This sample is taken from my completed WIP, Love's Prophecy.

Pain twisted Mel's gut tighter. “Breeana, I'm not asking you to give up anything.”

Her gaze was fierce. “Do you want to know what scares the shit out of me?”


She hesitated. “I would leave everything. I'd leave it all behind because I…love you.”

His heart ground to a halt when her softly spoken words filtered through his brain. An instant later, it jumped, slamming so hard against his ribs it felt like it would burst free.

She loved him? Did he hear correct?

He searched her face and saw it was true. 

Joy, love, sadness, and God help him, hope added to the chaos of emotions he already felt.

He tilted her face up with a hand and kissed her hard. A kiss brimming with love, despair, and frustration, over a situation that held no other solution than heartbreak. And he sensed she experienced the same whirlpool of feelings. He felt it in her kiss, in the desperate way she gripped his shirt, and he tasted it in her tears.

He pulled back and stared into her eyes. “I love you, Breeana. The short time we've known one another, you have become my everything. My heart. My breath…My life. I was dead inside before you.”