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Blogging about Blogging

Posted by Brenda Dyer on July 12, 2011 at 12:33 PM


Hello and welcome to my blog post. Come on in; grab a coffee or tea from the sidebar—and a donut or chocolate chip cookie. The cookies are fresh—I just baked them this morning.

So,here we are, yet another blog post. And as always, I’ve sent out links, hoping to snag a few of you to come read and comment on my blog. Sound familiar? If you’re a writer then it most likely does. I’m sure you all do the same thing.Write up a blog post and advertise for traffic. And in order to generate more traffic to your blog, I’m sure you comment on other’s posts in hopes they will reciprocate the favor.

I’ve been a blogger for awhile and I’ve written about many things—most to do with writing because hey, I figure most who read my posts are writers. I doubt many “readers” read writers blogs. I know before I started writing, I could have cared less about what writers were blogging about. In fact, I never read any blogs and didn’t care to. But now that I’m immersed in the world of writing, blogging has become something I feel I must do to get noticed. Also, I have made some fantastic friends and learned a lot by reading and commenting on other’s posts.

Although,sometimes I feel we are bombarded with blogs. “Come check out my blog. Come read what inspires me. Come read how to develop your writer’s voice. Come read about what I did this weekend.” I’ve even read a blog post about how to blog, read and comment on others blogs without allowing it to become too time consuming, taking time away from your writing. That particular post really made me think, especially one point that was made: Don’t read the whole post. Skim and look for something you can commenton.

LOL, are you skimming my post right now? That’s okay if you are. We all do it. We HAVE to! There are just way too many blogs to read and comment on. There’ssimply not enough time in our busy days.

One of my writer friends absolutely refuses to blog! She detests it with a passion. I love to tease her and tell her she will have to blog one day. She will HAVE to jump aboard the blogging train.

I’m ending my blog post with questions for you all: how do you honestly feel about all the blogging going on? How many blog posts do you read a day? Do you skim? Do you enjoy blogging or is it something you feel you must do to get noticed and hopefully gain a following?

The floor is yours…..



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