Romance With A Bite

True love takes courage and sacrifice.

Prophecy’s Healing, book 5 in the Prophecy Series

Her love for him has spanned time.

After years of betrayal, Julia Murphy is starting over and attempting 

to leave her broken-hearted past behind. As a waitress at The Green 

Tree nightclub, she’s working to save enough money to finally take 

the colleges courses that will kick-start her new future. But fate has 

other plans. When two men viciously attack her, a tall, menacing 

stranger comes to Julia’s aid and thrusts her on a wild journey into a 

past that death has erased and a world she didn’t know exists.

His past and future collide

As the deadliest vampire warrior in the S
urrey squad, Ace is feared 

and avoided, which is fine by him. He cares for nothing and nobody, 

including himself. But when he rescues a pretty

waitress from a deadly attack, he can’t deny he’s drawn to her. 

However, this newfound attraction comes with consequences Ace 

never could have foreseen. He comes face to face with his 

tormented past, and Julia is the link. Now, he must decide whether 

he’ll fight for a love that’s spanned the ages, or if he’ll allow 

centuries old hate and betrayal to destroy their futures.

Prophecy's Healing Available in Paperback