Romance With A Bite

True love takes courage and sacrifice.

Prophecy’s Healing, book 5 in the Prophecy Series

Her love for him has spanned time.

After years of betrayal, Julia Murphy is starting over and attempting to leave her broken-hearted past behind. As a waitress at The Green Tree nightclub, she’s working to save enough money to finally take the colleges courses that will kick-start her new future. But fate has other plans. When two men viciously attack her, a tall, menacing stranger comes to Julia’s aid and thrusts her on a wild journey into a past that death has erased and a world she didn’t know exists.

His past and future collide

As the deadliest vampire warrior in the S
urrey squad, Ace is feared 
and avoided, which is fine by him. He cares for nothing and nobody, including himself. But when he rescues a pretty waitress from a deadly attack, he can’t deny he’s drawn to her. However, this newfound attraction comes with consequences Ace never could have foreseen. He comes face to face with his tormented past, and Julia is the link. Now, he must decide whether he’ll fight for a love that’s spanned the ages, or if he’ll allow centuries old hate and betrayal to destroy their futures.

Trigger Warnings:
Graphic sexual content. Foul language. Past life regression. Death. Hate. Gore. Demons. Twisted views on religion. Attempted rape--not by hero. Alcohol.

Prophecy's Healing Available in Paperback

Teaser from Prophecy's Healing, book 5 in the Prophecy Series.

True love takes Time and Acceptance.

Ace must decide whether he'll fight for a love that has spanned the ages, or if he'll allow centuries-old hate and betrayal to destroy their future.
Can Julia change him? Does her heart have the courage and strength to take on this deadly vampire warrior?

So many years he’d cloaked himself with hatred and anger. His defense to keep everyone out so no one would have the power to hurt and deceive him again—and it’d served him well. But now...

Ace swore under his breath and tunneled a hand through his hair, ripping through the tangles. So what if Julia worried about him? Meant fuck all to him. 

((Remember the old saying, buddy: you can lie to everyone else, but you can’t lie to yourself. And you’ve been doing a lot of lying lately.))

Ace’s lips rippled into a sneer. “You’re worried about me? Give me a break. We hardly know each other.”

Julia sat on the bed again. She offered him a smile, but when he didn’t return the gesture, it evaporated. “I know—and you’re right. We don’t know each other well, but as strange as this is going to sound...” She sucked in a breath. “I think of you as my friend.”

Stunned, Ace gaped at her.

She considered him her friend?

Friends were one thing he didn’t have—didn’t want. The other warriors regarded him as a freak, just another soldier. An offensive bastard they had to tolerate, and he was fine with that.
Sophia had pretended to be his friend, but that was only to get him to fall in love with her so he’d eventually let his guard down. And her plan had worked perfectly.

But this woman, who as far as he could tell wanted nothing from him—who was trying to protect him—considered him a friend.

The concept seemed so foreign; he couldn’t comprehend what it meant. Nobody liked him for who he was—all wanted something from him, or wanted to change him.

A heavy weight settled over where his heart used to reside. And he had a bad feeling it meant he was beginning to like her—maybe even care a little for her.

((End it now. Tell her if she wants to upgrade her offer of friendship to fuckfriends then maybe you’ll consider it.))

Right. Disgust her into hating him so she’d retract her innocent present.

Ace smirked. “I don’t need friends.” Okay, not what he planned on saying, but close enough.

She recoiled as if he’d slapped her face. “Everyone needs friends.”

“Don’t waste your time,” he snarled.

All color drained from her cheeks. Tucking a strand of hair behind one of her ears, she said, “Okay then. Anyway...”

Her embarrassment cranked up the tension in the room. Maybe he should say something to take the sting from his words.

Why bother. Not like they were friends. Best to leave shit where it lay.