Romance With A Bite

True love takes courage and sacrifice.

Zomboro Virus: Short Story

 Major Trevor Dyer got his wish. While playing video games as a teenager he'd dreamed of a zombie apocalypse. Years later, the game he loved was now reality.

The United Nations had created the Zomboro Virus to help aid in the war on terrorism. But it backfired. The world is now crawling with flesh eating zombies.

As Trevor and his team fight to rid the earth of the undead, his brother and famed scientist, Tyler, struggles to find a cure before it's too late and darkness and terror win.







Oct, 31st 2020

City of Delta, outside of Vancouver, B.C




Major Trevor Dyer scanned the room, looking down the barrel of his SDV Dragunov rifle. He took in the surroundings, his razor sharp instincts on high alert for anything that moved. A sleek black desk sat in the center. A charcoal-gray file cabinet rested against the far wall beside a leather couch. Papers strewn over the desk top and the white tiled floor fluttered in the light breeze that blew through an open window.

He crossed the room in three quick strides and glanced out the second story window of the hospital.

Captain Nicholas Nylander followed behind his troop as they weaved around abandoned cars in the hospital parking lot. The soldier’s guns swept side to side as they searched for the enemy.

 A movement to the left caught Trevor’s attention. A shadowy figure crept out from behind a red sedan and sprinted toward Captain Nylander.

Fear kicked Trevor’s heart into overdrive and sweat stung his eyes. He leaned out the window and settled the butt of his rifle against his shoulder. He stared through the scope, lining up his shot fifty feet away.


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