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Brenda Dyer

Award Winning Author

The Prophecy Series

Love's Prophecy (2012)

Mel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver. But he's burdened with a new assignment: find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy. Having no faith in the gods and their empty words, he believes there's no truth to the ancient legend until he meets Breeana, a human woman who bears the mark of the prophecy and resembles the mysterious woman haunting his dreams. When a vengeful demon spies Breeana in his arms, she is marked for death. He must take her from the world she knows until he can eliminate the threat. But the real danger is the role Breeana must play in fulfilling the prophecy and the intense feelings she brings out in him. Mel is forced to choose between his obligations to his kind, the world, and the woman he loves. Does he have the courage to let the one woman who could heal his wounded heart and soul go, or will he risk her life and bind her to him for all eternity

Book One of the Prophecy Series

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Absolutely can't wait to read the next in the series. You had me at vampire and prophecy. I am an absolute __ for these sorts of tropes. You delivered! Loved the relationship between Mel and Breeana that was built up. Well done.

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Wow what can I say without spoilers there was some spice in here of corse and vampire and humans you really learn about vampires there was a lot of thought put into that scene how she learned about them and how he told her and the scene when he opens up to her like my god it was like you could feel it how guilty he felt and he blamed himself and you could see the love forming between the two and there was a moment they broke up man I cried over that scene this is truly a book that needs read it all emotions in there wanting to read more thank you Brenda Dyer

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Brenda's writing is always consistent. In the fifth book of the Prophecy series readers will find a much darker story than in past books. Deep, unresolved hurt brews within Ace, the hero of this story. Three hundred years ago, he'd been double crossed by the young girl he lost his heart to. This plot dwells more on redemption and learning to forgive which doesn't leave a lot of time for the other vampire clan members to make an appearance. They're in the story, just not a focal point. Brenda keeps the characterization steady throughout the book, and sometimes Ace, because of his inner demons, seems to toss out some hateful comments to the heroine prior to understanding the connection between past and present. There were no new revelations to the prophecy which readers will be hungry to get their hands on. Looking forward to some jaw dropping twists to come. The prophecy series continues with it's dark edge, and fans of the Supernatural TV series will especially love the gritty and intense feel of the arc in this series and what the future could hold for the chosen ones.

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Author Brenda Dyer

Author Brenda Dyer

Brenda Dyer lives in the small town of Sooke on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of beautiful British Columbia with her wonderful husband & two sons. She divides her time between writing, gardening, and looking after her assortment of animals.

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