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Awards & Reviews

Love's Prophecy

First runner up in the 2012 RONE Awards

Prophecy's Child

First honorable mention in the 2014 RONE Awards

Amaury Mon Amour, Amazon

This book had me mesmerized from the very beginning! I literally could not put this book down. It had all of the attention-grabbing aspects that I relish when I read a vampire/paranormal romance novel. It had the contemporary, modern-day, you-can-actually-picture-this-in-your-mind feel to it. The whole novel was addictive from the very start especially with the short history on the relationship between the Vampire Species, the Humans and the Demons which grabs a few truths here and there in reality. The familiar "Family Bond/Warrior Brothers" that typifies many good Vampire tales is deeply imbedded in this novel and is magnificently portrayed in how Mel and his fellow Warrior Brothers interact with each other. What I found most heart-warming, intriguing and down-right sexy was the romance and the deep-seated love and erotic passion between Mel and Breanna. The fact that "the Big Warrior Vampire" actually has a soft side that was coaxed out by "a mere Human Female" actually puts quite the touch to this novel. I loved the plots, I was literally fighting sleep so I could finish the book and when I did, all I could say was "Wow"! I do hope that Ms. Dyer writes more novels surrounding these Vampire warriors real soon. This was a INCREDIBLE READ and the length was superb. Love this book!

When you see Brenda Dyer's name, hit the big red plunger, and stop everything to read her story! She is not a one hit wonder!In book two, Prophecy's Child, we fall in love with Kal. A conscience and ten years, can't obliterate Kal's undeniable, forever love for Katherine. Time brings these two characters on a collision course with destiny. Where would that happen? Wal-mart, of course! Ms. Dyer writes with depth, originality, tension, and great timing when deploying humor, the four most important elements of great story writing. The next book better be on the printing press or at least her home computer, because once you've consumed the first two books of this series, your heart and your naughty bits will be on "slow burn" until you can devour the next story. Wonder who it will be?

Susan Newman, Amazon USA

This is the 3rd book in the Prophecy series, and I have to say even though I loved Mel & Hal's stories, Soren is my new favorite Vampire Protector. He is an old (230 years old) British vampire, who is stuck in his ways. He meets Natalie and has to keep her prisoner since she's seen him destroying demons. Little does he know that she is a child of the Prophecy, and she must constantly prove herself to him and the other vampires. I love Brenda Dyer's series, and this book did not disappoint!!! The sexual tension between Soren and Natalie is crazy wild! It is a must read and can be read as a stand alone. I highly recommend it to others who love reading about sexy vampires protecting our planet. This was the coolest book ever!!! I can't wait until the next installment.

Phoenix Drake, Amazon USA

The "Prophecy" series is a spellbinding vampire series that seamlessly weaves together elements of romance, ancient prophecies, and the eternal struggle between good and evil. With meticulous editing and a compelling storyline, it captivates readers from the very first page. One of the standout aspects is the expert editing, which ensures a smooth and immersive reading experience. The prose flows effortlessly, allowing readers to fully engage with the intricate plot and richly developed characters. The absence of distracting errors or inconsistencies enhances the enjoyment of the story, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the supernatural world that unfolds within the pages. The central theme of vampires grappling with human problems adds a refreshing twist to the classic vampire genre. Each vampire character is given depth and complexity, struggling inner demons and searching for redemption. Through their encounters with human women, who play an integral role in their lives, these vampires find solace, guidance, and love. The exploration of human emotions and the complexities of relationships humanizes these immortal beings, making them relatable and deeply engaging. The interconnectedness of the human women with an ancient prophecy involving Lucifer provides an intriguing and mysterious backdrop to the series. As the plot unfolds, the ties between the women and the prophecy gradually come to light, adding layers of suspense and intrigue to the narrative. The gradual revelation of the prophecy and its implications for the characters' lives keeps readers hooked, eagerly turning the pages to uncover the secrets that lie within. The romantic elements are skillfully woven into the overarching storyline, creating a delicate balance between love and destiny. The chemistry between the vampires and their respective human partners is palpable, and the emotional depth of their relationships enhances the stakes of their struggle against darkness. The author's ability to infuse passion, tenderness, and sacrifice into these relationships brings a profound sense of authenticity and adds an emotional resonance. This is a compelling vampire series that expertly combines elements of romance, mystery, and the supernatural. With a well-crafted storyline, and vampires facing human problems, readers will find themselves completely engrossed in this world of ancient prophecies and captivating love stories. Whether you're a fan of the vampire genre or simply seeking an enthralling read, this series is bound to leave you eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Aspire227, Amazon USA

This is a book that I never wanted to end. The relationship between Mel and Breeana is intense and full of action and toe curling spice scenes. The author pulls you in immediately with a backstory of creation. In the beginning vampires and humans coexisted peacefully until Lucifer severed their ties out of jealousy with his demons. But a prophecy exists that foretells a stronger race. Mel and Breeana are a part of this prophecy and the way their love story unfolds is beautiful to read. I fell in love with this book and cannot wait to devour the rest of this series.

Melissa Weeks, Amazon USA

I have to say I read the second book 1st but I love that one so much I decided to read the first I know it's backwards but swell Breeana is your average women/ human she is at a club when she meets Mel he seem like an average guy he walks here to her car when Mel sees a group of demons you see Mel isn't human he's a vampire and the demons recognize h when Mel tells breeana to get to her car and she refuses the she demon makes a point in targeting her thinking breeana is Mel's lover at the te it's pay back for him taking the she demons lover. Breeana is know needing guarded and protected for saving Mel from certain death because the she demon shot him with silver so she is trust into a world of vampires and demons. Will Mel and breeana get together? What's so special about breeana that makes her different from other humans? What dose her birthmark have to do with her new life? Will Mel be able to protect breeana from the evil she demon? Will they have a happy ending? To find out what happens to them all I strongly recommend that you buy the book it was a great book. I couldn't put it down. 5 gold stars a definite must read.

Bossert, Amazon USA

Loved this book! Brenda Dyer writes such relatable characters.she knows how to tell a story and keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn't put this book down! Kal is funny & sexy,even when he's being an a$$. I loved him in Loves Prophecy and I couldn't wait to read his story.. I bought the next book immediatley . I love the new take on an old story.. This prophecy stuff involving vampires and humans united in love and bearing the children that will save the world from Lucifer and his Demons. Interesting new revelations about that. Can't wait for Soren's story. I think he actually might have smiled in this book. .I Highly recommend reading this series for anyone who likes paranormal romance novels.or just wants a really good story..

John W Motta, Amazon USA

I've been a huge fan of Brenda Dyer from the start! I've loved all three titles in the Prophecy Series! Prophecies Power grabs your attention from the very first page and keeps your attention through out! The sexual tension between Soren and Natalie is palpable! You can feel the heat and their passion through the pages! Although it is darker and edgier than the first 2 it is Amazing! It is not a must read! It's a you can't afford to miss it! Kudos to Brenda absolutely well done! And well worth the agonizingly long wait lol! Love Love Love it! I only regret 5 stars is the most I can give it!

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